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Spectacular Architecture and New Discoveries of the Puuc Region

Saturday, December 5 through Sunday, December 13, 2015
(Including arrival in Merida, Yucatan or Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico on Saturday, December 5th,
arriving early afternoon if possible, and departing on Sunday December 13th.)


In 2015 the Maya Field Workshops will focus on some of the greatest ancient cities of Yucatan for the very first time, exploring the great ruins of Uxmal, Kabah, Oxkintok, and other sites in and around the Puuc region. 

 (Note: Maya Field Workshops have been sold out for the past three years. It is highly advisable that you reserve your space early. Registration details here.)

What stories do the region’s hieroglyphs tell? Fantastic new finds in the area are helping to answer these questions, changing all of Maya archaeology in the process. 
The Puuc area has long been a popular but largely mysterious corner of the Maya world, with massive, beautifully preserved architecture, elaborate mosaic sculptures, and great cities with large, concentrated populations. How did Uxmal and its neighbors develop a distinct subculture in the Maya world? How does a century of Puuc archaeology help us understand its connections to the wider Maya  area? We will explore the latest exciting finds in the area that have pushed the origins of the Puuc region well back into the Pre-Classic period. And near the end of the journey we will visit the charming town of Mani, where Xiu dynasty ruled at the time of Spanish contact and where Diego de Landa infamously burned many hieroglyphic books. 
Come join the 2015 Maya Field Workshops -- a fun and collegial experience where you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the ancient history and latest developments in this fascinating area of Maya research. 

Our base of operations for the full week, will be the Hacienda Uxmal

Sites planned for the 2015 Maya Field Workshop: 

  • Uxmal
  • Oxkintok
  • Loltun
  • Kabah
  • Sayil
  • Kiuic
  • Edzna
  • Xocnaceh
  • Mani