"What a fantastic adventure we had! David’s generous and indefatigable willingness to share his knowledge and Ann’s excellent ability to make a complex schedule run like a watch, really surpassed my expectations."

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"I thought it impossible that any Mayan experience could top the Palenque Workshop. I was wrong (again), Copan was simply outstanding. Never would I have have imagined that, on top of all of the wonderful things the ruins of Copan and the workshop had to offer, that we would walk in the archeologist tunnels to see Rosalila and Oropendola. It still brings tears to my eyes- and probably always will. 

Truly, the graciousness, patience and kindness extended to us by you both is much appreciated."

"I hope it is not too late to add my thank you not only to David and Ann but to the entire group.   This is the first trip I have taken where I am looking forward to the next trip with the same group."

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"I’ve been trying to think of how the workshop in Palenque could have been improved, but I’m having a hard time coming up with anything!"

"I too wish to express my gratitude to both of you, it was a fantastic trip..

After month of planning & preparations, months of anticipation, it was over so fast, but it was worth every moment. And, at least the photos & memories will last. Great site, great people & great food… though I’m not sure if I ate enough…"


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"I’m already looking forward to the next trip.

Thank you so much for an inspirational week. Loved, loved, loved our 
time in Copan. It was truly wonderful. Many thanks to David for his 
kindness, patience and generosity of time. To Ann for her 
organizational skills, and gentle prodding. And to our group, who 
helped me start understanding the glyphs, and didn’t roll their 
eyeballs and sigh. I’ve already started reading more about the Mayans 
and their writing, and hope to be more up to speed by next fall."

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