Maya Field Workshops takes a small group of curious travelers to the heart of the Maya world and beyond, providing on-site learning with Dr. David Stuart. David brings alive the ancient Maya through its history, culture, hieroglyphic writing, and royal dynastic histories. Your classrooms are the very temples, plazas and pyramids that the ancient Maya once inhabited.

Maya History

A Four-Part Virtual Class with Dr. David Stuart

This four-week course is designed to immerse you in the latest research and understanding of the ancient Maya world, discovering its detailed history, culture, and the “big picture” of its long-term development. Over four separate parts you will learn about the development of art and writing and the origins of Maya civilization, the connections of the Maya to the wider Mesoamerican world, new insights into the nature of Maya cosmology, and the details of ancient history, using the site of Copan, Honduras, as a case study. We will investigate what is meant by the “Maya Collapse” and how events internal and external worked together to transform this ancient civilization over time.

For years David has been leading on-site learning experiences in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize through the Maya Field Workshops. With the pandemic we have created a virtual event that will cover new territory, geared for the novice and experienced participant alike. We plan to revive the on-site experiences as soon as safety allows.

Weekly happy hours compliment the classes and participants will receive a box with everything they need- course materials, online resources, and happy hour supplies.

All digital and printed course materials, as well as a box of happy hour essentials and treats are included in tuition. 

Four Weekly Sessions on Tuesdays

January 26, 2021 – February 16, 2021

7-8 PM eastern, 6-7 PM centralTuition is $575 and includes your entire household. 

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For more information please email or call 512-565-5132. 


Tuesday, January 26

Part One: Art, Writing and the Origins of Maya Culture

Tuesday, February 2

Part Two: The Maya, Teotihuacan and Ancient Mexico

Tuesday, February 9

Part Three: New Research on Maya Time

Tuesday, February 16

Part Four: Copan’s Royal History and the Maya Collapse

Happy Hours occur on Thursdays at 7 PM eastern, starting January 28

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